Scarf Index and Trading Platform

Scarfage is a volunteer built and run website to allow fellow scarf hoarders to manage their collections, discover new and interesting scarves, and facilitate trades.

This site was built as a resource and freely given to the community to use. Add information to descriptions, update and add new photos as you see fit. You can use the Markdown information to make this as fancy as you want.

Before adding a New Item, search for it, if it already exists feel free to add details to the description, add images, or just add to your collection.

This is built and maintained by volunteers for you to have, so treat Scarfage as your own and be excellent to each other.

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  • 11/2/18 - We've banned a large number of spam accounts, if your account was misidentified please contact an admin.
  • 1/4/18 - We haven't worked on the site for several months, it still works at least? We will continue to pay for server fees until it becomes too expensive. It's about $50/month right now with +500 users so we won't be closing any time soon. The whole project is open source and anyone is free to fork the code and run with it though.
  • 4/11/17 - We're still here. v2 backend is mostly built. We need front end developers.
  • 12/26/16 - HO HO HOly shit the site fell over. Get a lot of scarfs for Christmas?
  • 11/24/16 - At least there's turkey.
  • 10/5/16 - Facebook login is now supported! Click here to link an existing account or create a new account.
  • 10/4/16 - Thank you scarf to our developers.
  • 9/27/16 - Launched to the hordes of scarfers in PTFC Scarf Squad. Facebook login is coming soon, feel free to create an account now and link it to Facebook later.

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