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Liners that exceed their intended operating existence can result in mechanical troubles with the crusher. A lining that's pushed overly long can flex and crack, and the bending of a thin or cracked ring will cause acute seat surface damage. Go here for more information about sandvik cone crusher parts now.

Once To Improve Cone Crusher Parts:

Production level
When you find that a 10 percent or even more decline in creation level or throughput, it's a good sign that the Cone Crusher prices want to get changed.

Liner thickness
In case the liner is donning evenly throughout the chamber, you should ponder changing it as it gets worn right down to approximately 1" (2.5 cm) thick at the end. At about 3/4" into 5/8" (1.9 cm to 1.6 cm) thick, the lining will likely crack, and inducing the financing material to begin to disintegrate. This may lead to the liners to crack loose. If the liners violate loose, continued operation might damage the chair in the support bowl along with the head of the trio cone crusher parts.

A few Cone Crushers feature an automatic liner change reminder. When new set and also concave liners are installed, the automated reminder is all reset. As the crusher works, the method tracks production abilities and computes the liner wear speed. After the cone liners reach the maximum use level, the strategy sends a telling reminder to"modify Cone" onto the cone setting meter. Subsequent to the wear parts are changes, re set the automatic reminder technique and also continue productive and reliable devastating.

An important thing to note: you need to at no point put a new concave lining at a crusher using a blouse or a new mantle at a crusher having a worn concave liner. Mating new and worn components will change the profile of their devastating chamber and restrict the nourish by penetrating the crushing room, which will decrease the tons per hour made.

To get the maximum appropriate life outside from the crusher lining, in addition to ensure ideal crusher operation, it is vital to feed the crusher correctly.

Wrong feeding methods
A segregated feed distribution, one which sends large cloth to one side of this crusher and small material across flip side, will cause poor lining put on. What's more, it is going to lead to ring bounce -- if pressure at the chamber is much higher than the pressure holding it down, as well as more oversize products and poor particle form.

An off centered feed, a which transmits most of the feed to a side of their crusher, may also result in bad liner wear, ring rebound as well as bad particle form. When that you never use the whole room, you are not maximizing crusher operation.

Right feeding System
The ideal way to make sure optimum lining life would be to tease feed your impact crusher. Choke feeding allows a full chamber with material together with help force the material in the chamber through. Choke feeding also reduces the air pockets at the devastating chamber to lessen the production of horizontal, elongated particles.

Preventative maintenance and documentation
Still another way to find the maximum used life outside from the cone crusher bowl liner will be to run regularly scheduled routine maintenance and record the exact information on the manner. This will help you know how your liners wear, spot use patterns and also understand the method by which the wear affects your own production. It will also help one to earn necessary improvements to improve your production.